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Shania Twain

The woman in me (1996)

Home ain't where is heart is (Anymore) - Any man of mine - Whose bed have your boots been under -

(If you're not in it for love) I'm outta here - The woman in me (needs the man in you) - Is there life after love -

If it don't take two - You win my love - Raining on our love -

Leaving is the only way out - No One needs to know - God bless the child -

Come on over (1997)

Man! I feel like a woman! - I'm holdin' on to love - Love gets me every time - Don't be stupid (You know I love you) -

From this moment on - Come on over - When - Whatever you do! don't! -

If you wanna touch her! ask! - You're still the one - Honey, I'm home - That don't impress me much -

Black eyes, blue tears - I won't leave you lonely - Rock this country! - You've got a way -

Recherchiste: Jean-Marie Tremblay
Conception: Gilles Dussault

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